How To Display And Care For Your Collectable

Properly displayed and cared for, memorabilia can be treasured for many years to come.  This required consideration is for the safety of the artwork, the visual balance within a room and aesthetics of proper lighting.


  • Nail or screw hangers directly to wall studs to provide excellent security for heavy pictures.
  • Check the hanger package for recommended maximum loads.
  • When securing to a plasterboard wall, seek the advice of a qualified tradesman.
  • Protect your artwork from heat, ultra-violet light and humidity.
  • Don’t hang your artwork in line with direct sunlight.
  • Avoid hanging your artwork in areas of high humidity (bathrooms) or over a heat source (fireplace) because humidity and heat can damage your treasures.
  • Clean the back of your framed pictures each year to ensure there are no pest or condensation damage.


  • Hang your artwork so that the middle of the picture is at eye level (usually around 5 – 5½ foot). Exception to this guideline is when the ceiling is high.
  • When hanging pieces above a sofa, chair or bed, the bottom of the artwork should be hung 6-8 inches above.
  • Consider your space. Hang smaller, detailed pieces in small spaces where the art can be enjoyed up close. Larger pieces need space to “breathe” and requires more room for the viewer to stand back and enjoy.


  • Use ambient “room lighting” to allow your artwork to blend in with the rest of the room.  Use spotlights to emphasize your pieces to make them stand out in the room. Be cautious of halogen lights that can heat the glass, creating humidity within the frames art and can fade your signatures and or photos.
  • Most importantly, ensure that your items avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s natural light.



  • Superstars and Legends use conservation quality materials to assist the preservation of your collectable.
  • We recommend your item be displayed as per the above guidelines.
  • Superstars and Legends will not be held liable for the discoloration of photos or the fading of signatures on your collectable.